SxS (UTV) Rules


General Rules:

  • No track cutting, stay between the banks
  • No travelling in the opposite direction on the track
  • Do not step out of your UTV while on the track
  • Only refuel in the pits
  • Teams pit area must have 2 fire extinguishers
  • Good sportsmanship is required at all times. No verbal or physical abuse tolerated

Race Numbers:

  • UTVs must have race numbers visible from both sides and the rear with 8” standard numbers

Drivers and Co-Pilots (co-pilot is optional) must:

  • Wear helmets
  • Wear eye protection
  • Register for the race
  • Attend riders meeting

Production/Unlimited Class Rules:

  • Stock approved cage (no home made cages)
  • Roof
  • Stock Seat belts (may not be modified or altered) or better
  • Full doors with window nets
  • All engines must be turned off while fueling
  • All riders must have a liner on the ice when fueling the race machine
  • All riders must have spill kits in their pits in case of a fuel, oil or coolant leak
  • Fire extinguisher on board
  • All side x sides must have minimum 8” numbers that can be seen from both sides and rear of unit
  • Passenger must be licensed and entered in race
  • Use any ice racing stud (no snowmobile cleats or picks) no minimum or maximum amount
  • Side x Sides will start with the engine off and rider stays strapped in the unit. Flag drops, start machine, and go


  • Head/neck restraints
  • Upgraded seatbelt systems

There is no minimum or maximum on stud count, but at the referee’s discretion can and will black flag any machine deemed unsafe to themselves and others if their tire set up does not allow for proper traction. Recommended minimum stud count is 400 studs per machine (100 per tire).